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5 Tips for Removing Water Damage from your Home

Flooding or severe water damage is one of the devastating and panic-inducing situations for most homeowners. Standing water, sewer back-ups, heavy rains, burst pipes, and malfunctioning appliances are some of the major issues that can cause household flooding.

Are you aware of the safety and necessary measures you need to take when your house floods? Every household should know the precautions they need to take in case of these uncertainties. The secret is to take care of the water damage earlier. This will help to reduce the amount of damage and make the cleaning and restoration process easier. 

Water in a bathroom floor

1. Remove wet items from home, including carpets and drywall

The first step is to remove all wet items and equipment from your home. This should be undertaken with utmost safety and clearance from relevant authorities. It is ideal to start the water damage restoration process after 24-48 hours of being cleared to re-enter your home or facility.

Wet carpet

Often the damage is too extensive for an individual or a family. You can seek help from water damage restoration services providers like Extreme Services; they will ensure you are safe and the water damage is under control.

Drywall, insulation, and flooring are some of the items that should be secured to prevent mold from spreading in your home. You need to start this process as fast as possible to prevent damage to hardwood floors.

However, safety is paramount; do not enter your building, whether your home or not, if the structural and electrical damage is too much after the flood damage. 

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2. Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry out your home as quickly as possible

Removing water is one of the essential steps in the drying process. Drying out the home or building is the next step after removing the wet items out. It would help if you cleared damp areas and moisture in your home. A dehumidifier is essential as it fastens the drying process of the carpets, drywall, and other materials in your home.

Without a dehumidifier, it might take days or weeks, leading to mold growth; sometimes, even the walls or ceilings can fall apart. The dehumidifier can be used after removing the excess water from the room to dry the water damage.

In case of any excess moisture in the air, the dehumidifier will pick it up and remove it. A dehumidifier is an essential step in the water damage restoration process as it removes any excess water, moisture, or dampness. This step is vital even if water is no longer visible in your house.   

Most restoration companies advise using a dehumidifier to condense the water vapor and collect it in a basin.

Moreover, water vapor reduction is crucial as it encourages the evaporation process to remove excess moisture in the air. You can also use a fan to hasten moisture evaporation to prevent further damage caused by mold growth. 


3. Keeping everything off moisture or dampness

After dehumidifying and fanning out your home, ensure your key possessions are off moist or damp areas that are in the process of drying out. Keep your furniture elevated off the ground with blocks and air mattresses to avoid contact with moisture. Damp areas are breeding grounds for visible mold. Therefore to prevent mold growth, your furniture and air mattresses shouldn’t be on moist floor coverings.

Keeping your materials off any moisture as you continue with water removal is critical in preventing mold growth on them. The restoration process to remove humidity and keep things elevated can be an overwhelming endeavor for an individual. The complexity can also vary depending on the extent of the damage. You may need professional water damage restoration services.

4. Clear Up water in-wall or floor cracks.

After elevating important stuff from the damp floor or walls, the water must be drained off every tiniest crack in your personal property. The next step is cleaning up any water that may have seeped into the cracks in the flooring and walls. 

Crack on a wall

A leaking roof, burst pipe or leaky pipe, and a leaky washing machine in a property with structural damage after flooding or storm may make water stay up in cracks. Cracks can hold up potentially hazardous materials, including visible mold spores that can cause severe illness or allergy.

Unfortunately, getting water off the cracks, whether walls or floors, is not a simple task. It goes beyond repairing the leaky roof, pipe, or machine. You may need restoration experts to come on board with their advanced equipment in water extraction to help drain off the cracks.

5. Disinfect and seek Professional Water Restoration Services.

Any water damage emergency like flooding, storm, or hurricane may need professional water restorations services. These natural disasters demand a certain level of experience that only the restoration industry can provide. You can therefore risk your life trying to conduct water mitigation by yourself.

Besides, the damages at the affected areas can be extensive and may mess with sewage backup, electrical appliances, electrical shock, and questionable structural integrity of your building. Any storm damage or water damage must meet a fast response for the damages to be addressed immediately.

Sewage backup or mold growth poses health risks. An intensive disinfection process should follow suit after deep clean-up for health assurance. Comprehensive disinfection in your home might need professional services.

Why Extreme Services Should Handle Your Water Damage Restoration in Birmingham, AL, and Surrounding Areas

The damage can leave you and your loved ones with health problems and limited access to clean water. You’ll need a comprehensive restoration contractor to address all your electrical, structural, and health problems, amongst others.

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