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If mold is growing in your house, you must seek immediate assistance. It not only causes ugly stains and persistent odors, but it also creates a potentially hazardous environment for you and your family. Mold growth is dangerous. Contaminated areas with mold problems produce allergens that can cause health issues. Extreme Services is here to assist you with professional mold removal. Our IICRC-certified specialists have the equipment and training to extract the mold, halt its development at the source, and restore your house to a clean and safe state.

We are pleased to serve the region, and we can assist you with same-day mold removal and cleanup services today.

Mold thrives where there is moisture, so if you have recently experienced a leak or flood in your house, that region is more vulnerable to mold development. Because of the humid environment, your bathroom (particularly one without an exhaust fan) is prone to mold development.

Extreme Services’ mold remediation procedures and equipment will assist you in mitigating mold development in your house. We utilize biodegradable, ecologically friendly cleaning chemicals. They are specifically intended to kill mold development before it spreads, allowing us to safely remove the problem from your house.

Mold Damage Repair

If mold has already infiltrated your house, we provide professional mold damage repair services. Our skilled technicians will pull out the damaged section and cure the mold problem, guaranteeing it is ready for your builder.

Mold Inspections

We conduct thorough mold examinations for home and business owners as certified mold removal and treatment specialists. Give us a call if you plan to sell or lease your property and need it examined for mold. We would be delighted to offer you a competent and reasonably priced mold inspection service.

Contact Extreme Services if mold is producing difficulties in your house. We provide free quotes on any work and give a satisfaction guarantee. We would be delighted to assist you in resolving even the most difficult mold issue.

Mold Spores

Molds flourish in damp environments and proliferate in the air via small, lightweight spores. Every day, you are in contact with mold. Mold spores are typically safe in tiny numbers. When they land in a moist area of your house, they can begin to develop. Other mold spores have slippery sheaths that allow them to disperse in water.

Mold Growth

Mold development in structures is most commonly caused by fungus colonizing permeable construction materials such as wood. Many building materials, such as paper-covered drywall, wood cabinets, and insulation, contain paper, wood components, or solid wood elements. Interior mold colonization can cause a range of health issues because building inhabitants inhale minute airborne reproductive spores, which are similar to tree pollen.

The presence of a high concentration of interior airborne spores in comparison to the outdoors strongly suggests the presence of indoor mold development. Airborne spore counts are determined using an air sample. Air samples should be collected from the afflicted area, a control area, and the exterior to account for background levels.

Mold growth can be harmless until it becomes black mold. Stachybotrys chartarum, often known as poisonous black mold or black mold, is a kind of microfungus that produces conidia in slime heads. It is occasionally found in soil and grain, but it is most commonly found in cellulose-rich construction materials from damp or water-damaged structures.

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Mold Cleanup

A variety of criteria influence who should perform the cleanup. The magnitude of the mold problem is one factor to evaluate. In most situations, if the moldy area is smaller than 10 square feet, you may do the work yourself.

If you decide to engage a contractor (or another professional service provider) to clean up the mold, make sure the contractor has prior expertise cleaning up mold.

Surface molds may grow in almost any moist environment, including the grout lines of a ceramic tiled shower. They’re simple to remove using a mold cleaning solution of 1/2 cup bleach, one quart of water, and a little detergent. The bleach in the cleaning solution destroys the mold. The detergent helps to peel it off the surface so you can rinse it away, and it won’t come back as quickly.

On hard surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, use undiluted white vinegar. Mold can also get killed using a bleach solution. Mix one cup of bleach into a gallon of water, then apply to the surface without rinsing.

Mold specialists will apply an antimicrobial solution to remove any leftover mold and mold stains. Indoor air quality can cause mold growth because of more mold growing. The mold situation should be instantly dealt with.

Extreme services provide mold remediation services and surface mold and black mold removal services. We find all the hidden mold on your surfaces. Mold growth removal is a task we were made for. Mold removal can sometimes be dangerous to remove by yourself, especially visible mold. You may have an allergic reaction, like a runny nose, as well as other health issues if you touch the mold bare-handed — wear rubber gloves to prevent mold from affecting you.

Mold may spread through wood surfaces to porous materials, causing structural damage. If moldy surfaces are not properly dealt with, it is impossible for the affected area to stop spreading. If it spreads, act quickly and contact us.

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